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Speleo therapy ["speleo" means cave] - treatment in natural salt mines has been known for centuries. Hippocrates mentioned salt mines and their therapeutic properties. Later, in 19th century F.Bochkowsky, a Polish physician first formulated theory that the air saturated with salt aerosols is the main curative effect in speleo therapy. Ever since salt mines have begun to be used for therapeutic purposes in many european countries such Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, among others.

Speleo therapy has been acknowledged as a highly effective medication-free treatment method and proven results made Speleo therapy recognized as an important treatment along mainstream medicine.

Halo Therapy ("halos" in Greek means salt) , also called Salt Therapy or Salt Room Therapy, is a drug-free, natural therapy that takes place in a controlled air environment that simulates the special micro climate of actual salt caves and salt mines. Since the natural salt mines are not conveniently located for most people, Halo therapy - recreating the conditions of the salt mines - started to spread in the at the end of last century. Today thousands of salt room are functioning, most of them across Europe.


The anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of salt provide the major beneficial factor in Halo therapy.
The primary mechanism of action is dry salt aerosol produced by our laser controlled Halogenerators.

During Halo Therapy treatment salt micro particles with a size of .5-10 mcm are inhaled and travel into the airways and to the deepest parts of the lungs. Here therapeutic process begin with reducing  inflamation in the airways, open constricted airways, increase mucous clearance. Additionally, well known anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of salt will clear airways of allergens and pathogenic  flora.The healing parameters of salt room are amplified by mental relaxation programs, including healing music and nature sounds ( waterfall, ocean waves, rainfall, birds singing, etc) as well as passages of guided meditation providing a benefic psycho - emotional effect of well being and stress reduction on patients.