New: ​Gentle movement and guided mediation, with Reiki Master Alina - stay tuned for the next session 

In this class I will walk you though gentle movement and guided meditation. 
No experience needed, I will guide you through this first steps of enlightenment. 

Natural Essential Oils

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Salt Therapy in The Adults Salt Room.

Up to 6 people, 45 min/session

Salt Therapy (Halo Therapy) is a 100% natural, drug free therapy scientifically, proven to be effective with a variety of respiratory and skin condition

CBD Oils and Products

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Salt Therapy for Family 

Children under age of 10 and parents

30 min/session

New: Breath Work and An Introduction   Into Mediation - stay tuned for the next session 

When we practice mindfulness, we can achieve higher state of being. I will walk you through the breath work and mindful meditation. No experience needed, I will guide you through this first steps of enlightenment. 


                   Welcome to your oasis for healthy breathing!

​​Himalayan Salt Products

Himalayan salt from Pakistan for your kitchen, salt bath, salt lamps, salt dooms

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Halo-Reiki, One hour of Reiki and Dry Salt Therapy 

   -next session: May 21st @6:30pm

Meditation & Reiki Circle In The Salt Room

Small group of 5 people  guided by Reiki Master/Teacher, Alina. 

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Mindful Minerals - Natural Skin Products

Free Toxic-Sourced Ingredients. The ingredients are green-rated based on the EWG's Skin Deep Database. Made in the USA,

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