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Commercial Use

Salt Rooms can be stand alone facilities or be a part of…
• Wellness Centers
• Day and Med Spas
• Yoga and Pilates Rooms
• Massage Rooms
• Chiropractors,Acupuncturists
• Physical Therapists
  Community Centers

• Fitness Centers, Sport Clubs
• Detox and Rehab Centers
  Hotels and Business Centers
 Community Centers/Club House

• And many others…. salt room construction

We Build Salt Room/Salt room construction

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Halotherapy is no longer just a trend in alternative medicine, is has become an   well established, scientifically proven alternative/complementary approach in asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases and more. After years of best practice and thousands of customers we have now the skills,experience and technology to build  salt rooms at the highest existing standards with the ability to,finally make it financially affordable. Moreover, we are able to bring Halotherapy to your home, maintaining the same scientific standards requires for commercial locations.
What are actually the standards we can apply in building a Salt Room?

*The main therapeutic factor of a Salt Room -  dry salt aerosol of NaCl with special parameters of concentration, quality, and size of respirabile salt micro particles for maximum effectiveness. These parameters can be achieved only using hi-tech, laser controlled,  professional Halogenerators.

*Using proprietary, unique green technology, we build natural salt coatings for walls, comprised of organic materials, which are non-toxic, free of  harmful, volatile compounds, fireproof and non-combustible resistant to mold, fungi and bacteria.

*We design a balanced system of continuous ventilation during salt therapy sessions, connected with HVAC and humidity control systems.

 *A sound system, light mood system, decorations to enhance therapeutic effect, lower stress level and induce a state of well being.

We have a team of professionals from architects to builders and licensed professionals experienced in Halo Therapy field able to respond to challenges of building  the most modern Salt Rooms.

In just 3 days we can build your dream salt room for $4,900

All you need is a 200 SQF empty room
This quote is for a 200 sqf, 8 ft height walls salt room.
Included in price:
1.Provide all materials including walls base, plywood/drywall, mesh, salt etc
2.Provide Himalayan salt bricks/framing/lights/adhesive and install a  back-lighted Himalayan salt bricks wall up to 16 sq f area
4.Provide technical advice/help for exhaust ventilation, HVAC system
5. Install white crystal salt on the walls/floor using our proprietary 100% green technology
6.Install halogenerator, decorative lights for salt room  
7. Provide training in operating halogenerator and salt room procedures for a successful business.


There are many reasons for which you would enjoy having a Salt room in your home :
More people in your (extended) family needs this treatment and is difficult to put conflicted schedules together for a longer period of time -   in home therapy will become not only affordable but also taken at everyone spare time.
Avoid contact to public spaces for those with increased sensitivity to germs.
Privacy and comfort, especially when halotherapy is used in treatment of skin diseases.
Creating a Salt Room based on your own design and options - furniture, light and sound systems, decorations etc,  will enhance positive experience .
Proper built, your Salt Room will be place not for treatment only but a space for relaxation,  friends gathering, daily lectures,  internet surfing or even family movie time. Bringing together in Salt room your kids and their friends, relatives  , schoolmates  will be an excellent opportunity not only for treatment (including preventive Therapy for seasonal allergies and colds)  but for games, play time and fun.
If you conduct your business/job from home,  Salt Room may become a pleasant work place for you. Having a business meeting in you own Salt Room means that negative ions (responsible for mood swing) will bring a plus in a relaxing atmosphere. These positive effects are used with great success in Salt Rooms across Europe.


If you have a space (from 50 sft- 500 sft) or a room available at your business or in your home (even in the basement), we can transform it in an amazing Salt Room in a very short period of time, with costs never so affordable.

If you are interested in Halo Therapy for your home or business please send us an email at or call us at 248 825 5462 so we can contact you promptly and start to discuss your project.